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Astonishing work from Italian artist Blu. I cannot imagine the surely massive presence of these pieces in person.

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Thinking with me is like looking for a person whose address I don’t know. I stand on a street corner all day long waiting for him to pass by. Certainly there are more efficient ways of locating a person whose address you don’t know. But if you have a whole lifetime to wait and enjoy watching things go by, then waiting on street corners is as good a method as any. If you don’t find the person you are looking for, you might meet someone else.

Eric Hoffer, 1953

(Photo: Dublin City Center – Sunny & Busy, originally uploaded by hugeheo.)

light wind



Dutch designers demakersvan have created small, wind-powered lights inspired by their country’s ubiquitous windmills. A charming idea and execution.


Courtesy of Information Aesthetics,

As part of the ‘Switched on London’ festival, an interactive lighting installation was installed on Tower Bridge, controlled by Bluetooth sensors on London Bridge.

The movement of individuals carrying active Bluetooth devices are captured on London Bridge, then this information is transmitted across the Pool of London to the high level walkways on Tower Bridge, controlling a dynamic band of ambient light displays.

More information on the artist’s site, Jason Bruges.




Simply loving this. Courtesy of Little People Street Art Blog.


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It is not good for our efforts at self-realization to know the opinions other people have of us. It is difficult or perhaps impossible to be ourselves if we are known.

‘What others think’ –Eric Hoffer


Someone who has recently been an inspiration for me is Eric Hoffer. Sometimes called ‘the longshoreman philosopher,’ I find his writings insightful and affecting. From Wikipedia: “Hoffer drew confidence and inspiration from his modest roots and working-class surroundings, seeing in it vast human potential … [he believed] that fanaticism and self-righteousness are rooted in self-hatred, self-doubt, and insecurity. As he described in The True Believer, a passionate obsession with the outside world or with the private lives of other people is merely a craven attempt to compensate for a lack of meaning in one’s own life.”







Shoeparking, courtesy of Felix de Pass Design.

Felix de Pass is a British designer who has come up with an original way of keeping shoes organized.

His design ShoeParking simply consists of a sticker that is to be stuck on the floor near the entrance of the home to give shoes somewhere to park.

I love this. Supremely simple, yet a way to genuinely improve one’s living space. It is both thoughtful and unpretentious. All things typical of great design.

Another example:


BinFrame4mm dia. stainless steel CNC bent.

BinFrame is a simple wire frame that supports the universal plastic carrier bag transforming it into a bin.