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Eelus @ CansFestival – London, originally uploaded by _Kriebel_. This cracked me up. Breakfast at tiffany’s artwork seems to be quite popular amongst ikea-prone twentysomethings these days. Advertisements

Banksy @ CansFestival – London, originally uploaded by _Kriebel_. Big things going on London this weekend. How I wish I could have been. Check out the photostream link above for more, including minneapolis’ own Broken Crow.



blu-roof, originally uploaded by justusjonas. Astonishing work from Italian artist Blu. I cannot imagine the surely massive presence of these pieces in person. More Here and Here.

light wind


Dutch designers demakersvan have created small, wind-powered lights inspired by their country’s ubiquitous windmills. A charming idea and execution.

Courtesy of Information Aesthetics, As part of the ‘Switched on London’ festival, an interactive lighting installation was installed on Tower Bridge, controlled by Bluetooth sensors on London Bridge. The movement of individuals carrying active Bluetooth devices are captured on London Bridge, then this information is transmitted across the Pool of London to the high level […]

Simply loving this. Courtesy of Little People Street Art Blog. Clever.

galveston island, originally uploaded by jillhudgins.   It is not good for our efforts at self-realization to know the opinions other people have of us. It is difficult or perhaps impossible to be ourselves if we are known. ‘What others think’ –Eric Hoffer   Someone who has recently been an inspiration for me is Eric […]