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Intense imagery from this weekends poker showdown… Advertisements

st paul powerplant, originally uploaded by remarque. Inundated with schoolwork at the moment, I forsee little sleep in the next few days for me. A couple interesting things of note: Mr. Davies has posted another school of the web assignment, this time the product proposition is concerned with maple syrup. It is due by December […]



Thanks to Adrants, I came across this much improved version of the ubiquitous SkyMall catalog. I just had to repost this nightlight page, as its simply brilliant.



11-10-06_1511, originally uploaded by remarque. My second friday at work, i’m enjoying my time at Hunt Adkins more and more. Nice environment and nice people as well. Mainly chipping away at a new business prospect list. So, yes. That is all.



With the goal of securing formal acknowledgment of my interesting-ness, I’ve started this here. (Insert typical enthusiasm for new blog, expressed commitment to regular updates, bla bla arg arg) But ultimately, we’ll just have to wait and see if this pans out, won’t we? (…and alas, what am I talking about when I say we?? […]

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